JPO participated to the ACAC/ICAO MID workshop on GNSS

Posted on: May 20, 2016

JPO was invited to participate in the ACAC/ICAO MID workshop on GNSS, which was held in Rabat, Morocco on 5th of April 2016.Organised with the support of European Commission and attended by 40 participants including 10 States, the workshop topics covered global provision and Regional perspectives on GNSS, Regional SBAS (EGNOS and GAGAN) and technological developments.

The event provided an opportunity for JPO to contribute to the continental planning on SBAS/EGNOS in Africa by sharing information with the participants about its coordination role, its achievements and the domains where States can get support from JPO in Africa.

EC provided the current status of EGNOS adoption by aviation outside EU territories, including Africa. Regarding Africa, regional projects/ programmes such as MEDUSA (for EGNOS use and adoption in Euromed Countries) and EGNOS Programme in AFRICA (pan-African) provided updates on their current status and roadmaps while GSA provided an update on EGNOS V2/V3 developments and evolutions, including programmatic aspects.

Among the recommendations agreed during the workshop, is on the importance of continuous awareness on GNSS, for States engagement and experience sharing in addition to regional and global coordination improvement. The Workshop also called for JPO and MID Region to share their experience on legal and institutional framework on EGNOS implementation.

JPO wishes to congratulate ACAC/ICAO MID for organising such an event, and look forward to a continued collaboration between both organisations with regards to SBAS/EGNOS implementation in Africa.

MEDUSA introduces EGNOS operations in aviation in North Africa and Middle East

Posted on: January 19, 2016

Eight GNSS procedures (including LPV) and relevant safety assessments have been released to four Euromed countries: Tunisia – airport of Monastir (two runways), Lebanon – airport of Beirut (three runways), Israel – airport of Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion (one runway), and Algeria – airport of Bejaia (two runways).

Designed and elaborated with the contribution of the national Civil Aviation Authorities and local Air Navigation Service Providers, they are among the results of the extensive activity undertaken by MEDUSA for assisting the European Neighbouring (ENP) South countries in their path towards the adoption of EGNOS in aviation.

On 25 November 2015 in Brussels, with the participation of the European Commission and at the presence of the MEDUSA’s experts, the delegates of the ENP South States representing the aviation and non-aviation sectors met for the 8th Euromed GNSS Working Group.

During the meeting, the delegates acknowledged the significant achievements obtained through MEDUSA. They shared the progresses done, the lessons learnt, and they reconfirmed their high interest towards the adoption of EGNOS services in all domains and expressed their expectations for the next steps.

The necessary actions to be implemented in order to progress in the operational introductions of EGNOS in the transport sectors, and primarily in aviation, were presented by the European Commission. It was also remarked that MEDUSA’s outcomes are useful to other non-European Union countries interested to use EGNOS.

The proceedings of the meeting are available at


MEDUSA – MEDiterranean follow-Up for EGNOS Adoption

The MEDUSA project is part of the Euromed GNSS II project, funded by the European Commission in the frame of the Euromed Transport programme, whose objective is to extend/exploit the use of EGNOS in the Euromed countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia).

MEDUSA aids the Euromed countries towards the operational introduction and the exploitation of the European GNSS (EGNOS/Galileo) in various applications, mainly in the transport sectors. Led by Telespazio (Italy) and supported by a team of EU experts, MEDUSA runs a programme of technical assistance actions, aimed at capacity building, development of enablers and regional cooperation.

MEDUSA project (email:

JPO and SAFIR Teams released a Project Brochure…

Posted on: December 18, 2015

JPO and SAFIR Teams released a Project Brochure which provides essential information about EU/AFRICA Partnership on Satellite Navigation.

Please follow the link

The SUCCESS team meets the JPO in Dakar (3rd-4th November 2015)

Posted on: December 02, 2015

On 3rd and 4th of November several meetings were held at JPO premises in Dakar with the SUCCESS team to fine tune the JPO work program 2016-17 especially in the area of sister (i.e. non-aviation) applications. This actions is part of a series of concrete ongoing activities undertaken by SUCCESS and aimed at strenghtening JPO’s role as the cornerstone of EGNOS ramp-up strategy in the African Continent.  


Posted on: November 05, 2015

The MAGNIFIC Project funded by the GSA under Horizon 2020 held its first “European GNSS Applications Conference in Africa” in Lomé (Togo) on 22nd and 23rd September.

The Ministry of High Education and Research and the President of the University of Lomé participated to this conference as well as representatives from the EC, the GSA, the ASECNA and from the Joint Programme Office. The conference focussed on EGNOS and Galileo applications notably for airport vehicles and aviation, oil exploration, water resources management as well as Search and Rescue.

MAGNIFIC is a 2 years project (2015-2017) coordinated by Pildo Labs and Thales Alenia Space. MAGNIFIC proposes to demonstrate to African Stakeholders the benefits of EGNOS and Galileo by means of 6 field trials in Africa.