SUCCESS 2 Project: nature and purposes

SUCCESS 2 is a project providing expert support to the European Commission in the field of international activities related to EU GNSS programmes. In particular it contributes actively to the elaboration and implementation of a cooperation programme towards the extension of EGNOS service coverage to the African continent.

The SUCCESS 2 Team

The SUCCESS 2 Team is composed of the following partners:
• FDC, coordinator and technical and regulatory advisor,
• DLC, management advisor.

The SUCCESS 2 Team is also supported by:
• VVA, sharing its expertise on Cost-Benefit Analysis and financing aspects.

New_Logo_FDC_2016 Coordinator of the SUCCESS 2 Project, FDC is an engineering and consultancy company supporting the EC since more than 20 years on all aspects of GNSS, including international cooperation. FDC put at SUCCESS 2’ disposal a pool of 15 GNSS experts, and in particular Pascal Campagne, Eric Gellée and Bruno Roussel, senior experts with a huge background on European GNSS programmes, technologies, operational aspects and applications, institutional and political issues and international cooperation.
Dr Daniel Ludwig has a long track record in EU organizations (EC, GSA, GJU, ESA) and French Space Agency (CNES). He has a broad experience in technical and operational aspects of the European GNSS infrastructures, as well as in planning and management of GNSS R&D projects. He is a recognized expert in GNSS International cooperation based on concrete and diversified experience in main regions of the world.